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Why Partner with a Solar-Specific Digital Marketing Group?

As I discussed in my last entry, SEO strategies are critical to hopping on the trend of solar energy in Florida. The question now is how to get started. Many business owners will seek to outsource their digital marketing to a specialized professional or agency. This is an excellent strategy in that it ensures that digital marketing is given adequate priority, and specialized knowledge of digital techniques can be applied.

Companies like Localyze prioritize gaining expertise on niche markets to apply knowledge of trends and audiences across our clientele. All our research serves all our clients, without anyone having to spend an extra dime. This doesn’t mean our clients are in competition. Although Localyze takes on only electricians and solar clients, we take on one client per target location and audience, so our clients are never in competition with each other. Whether you are an established solar company or an electrician trying to hop on the trend, prioritize digital marketing that serves your business and not someone else’s.



Outsourcing digital marketing is essential to growth because of two basic principles of digital marketing:

  1. The techniques used in digital marketing are fundamentally different from those used in analog marketing.
  2. Individuals with specialized knowledge of digital marketing can apply specific knowledge to specific goals.

Basically, digital marketing is most effective when left to the experts. It’s a completely different animal from traditional marketing and should be treated as such.



Naturally, you want to work with people who understand your specific target audience, within the broader category of industry subtype. This means not only partnering with a consumer services expert, but an expert on solar energy as well. The demographics of your audience, especially their age, income, family status, and property holdings, set them apart and impact the ways you can connect with them. For example, people seeking to install solar panels will obviously already be responsible, savvy homeowners.  These consumers usually have households of 4 or more, and a dominant portion are over 55. A digital marketing team intimately familiar with this audience will know which social media outlets to target, where to place ads, and what kind of content will appeal to and convert them to paying customers.




Looking at the above graphics, we can see that consumer services, the category home solar installation would fall into, is on the expensive side in terms of getting results. It has the third lowest click through rate of all categories, but the second-highest cost-per-click. Therefore, marketing a service directly to consumers online requires a lot of capital and involves a lot of patience. A digital marketer accustomed to working in the industrial sphere might panic at these numbers, but a digital marketer with experience in consumer services knows they are par for the course. More importantly, the digital marketer with more industry-specific knowledge can use targeted strategies to make the most of existing click-through rates. Look at this graph:




This shows us that despite the low click-through rate, consumer services have a relatively high rate of conversion, which refers to the rate at which paying customers are acquired from searches and ads. How can this be so? Well, often customers don’t need to click through to a website or social media page to convert. They get all the information they need to contact a business or provider on the search results page, in the form of non-organic results like google maps, where the provider’s contact info is readily available. While a non-industry specific digital marketing team might stubbornly try to implement the same strategies across the board, a targeted digital marketing team will address the industry-specific trend by optimizing the provider’s ad content for non-organic search results.


In summary, partnering with an industry-specific digital marketing agency increases your chances of growth by ensuring that industry-specific trends inform your practices. This applies to those trends which shape the field of consumer services, as opposed to industrial, and trends specific to solar energy, such as potential client demographics.


As you can see, the benefits of partnering with an agency like Localyze abound. Visit the Localyze website to see more, and stay sunny!


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